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2009-09-04, 13:58 by andi
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2009-08-30, 11:13 by andi
Subject: Help us improve
Want to help with DokuWiki? Learn how. (No programming knowledge required)


Readme first! 27 threads 76 posts Last post a month ago
in Domain online
Everything around our wiki, forum, bug tracker and other community tools 64 threads 261 posts Last post a month ago
in Dokuwiki getting left behind?
Tell us about yourself and how you use DokuWiki 151 threads 263 posts Last post some days ago
in Hi all
Do you want to meet other DokuWiki users? Announce and organize your meetups here 26 threads 81 posts Last post 2 weeks ago
in Is there interest in a user meeting i…
Feedback on previous newsletters and topic suggestions for future newsletters can be posted here 3 threads 8 posts Last post in Feb 2014
in Updated newsletter?
How to setup your server to be able to run DokuWiki 254 threads 1004 posts Last post some days ago
in Site disappeared
How to setup and configure DokuWiki at your server 2238 threads 8378 posts Last post Today, 12:43
in Upgrading version
How to create and edit pages 954 threads 3630 posts Last post Today, 13:21
in Limit search to current namespace only
Talk about DokuWiki's features here 1319 threads 4574 posts Last post some days ago
in ACL namespace and pages list not upda…
How to customize the look of your DokuWiki 779 threads 2770 posts Last post Today, 12:36
in A Centred Perspective - no WYSIWYG
There are more subforums below this one: Template Wishlist
How to install and use plugins 1465 threads 5576 posts Last post Yesterday, 03:33
in this is technically about the authphp…
There are more subforums below this one: Plugin Wishlist
Everything about DokuWiki not fitting in the above categories 486 threads 1709 posts Last post a week ago
in What are the advantages of Dokuwiki i…
Non-English Discussion  
If you want to volunteer to moderate a non-English subforum contact Andi
593 threads 3036 posts Last post Yesterday, 06:09
in Création de deux wiki
Hier wird deutsch gesprochen 2527 threads 11343 posts Last post Today, 15:34
in Keine Statistiken mehr
3 threads 9 posts Last post in Mar 2014
in أهلا بكم
28 threads 63 posts Last post in Aug 2014
in dokuwiki chm 转换工具
77 threads 194 posts Last post 2 months ago
in Geotag y coordenadas negativas
188 threads 831 posts Last post some days ago
in Вопрос про экспорт в ODT
Problems with using this Forum? Ask here. 32 threads 115 posts Last post 2 months ago
in What plugins were used to show the av…
Talk about whatever you want with your fellow DokuWiki users 23 threads 131 posts Last post in Jun 2014
in Does a forum really work?
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