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Using namespaces for multilingual sites - best way?
ko:foo:bar or foo:bar.ko
Tito #1
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Subject: Using namespaces for multilingual sites - best way?
Hi everyone.

I am installing a dual language dokuwiki on our intranet (ko,en). I have read as much as the dokuwiki documentation wiki as possible and find two different approaches listed.

The first is in the and continued in… . My conclusion after reading these articles is that ko:foo:bar is the preferred way of keeping the data separate.

The second approach is at . This approach allows for multiple versions of the page in the different languages differentiated by a language name extension, in other words using foo:bar.ko

For us, the ideal site would include elements from both of these approaches:

1. The root is korean and our english data is stored in en:foo:bar namespace.

2. The interface language changes according to the namespace (if root -> ko; if en: -> en). To do that am using the script found at the…

3. Now, I would like to add the graphics of the flags, as described by Stéphane Gully (and also by Cha Reeseo in text format).

4. As the korean fonts used in the default template do not look so nice in english, I will install the multitemplate code…?s=multitempl… This will allow me to use a copy of the default template with better english fonts for the en: namespace.

5. Finally, the complicated one - taking from Cha Reeseo's article in wiki:tips:nls it seems possible to make a link of every new article into the alternate language namespace (root or en:) with a note that there is a new article with this title waiting translation. I realize that with open editing it is impossible to have mirror installations, but at least the core content will be available.

Question 1: Is there code that opens two side by side views of the original article and its translation comparison for on-the-spot translation or refinement purposes. Perhaps by a variation on the discussion of putting a wiki in the footer .

The php is beyond me, but it seems possible.

At this point where i run into the namespace issue - Reeseo's solution calls for the language to be in an extension foo:bar.ko rather than in the namespace ko:foo:bar.

Question 2: What are the pros and cons of the two approaches? Which is most efficient for non western searches?

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Tito Vergara
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Tito #2
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Subject: Answer to Question #1
As I continue surfing, trying to understand how to customize a template (in particular i like the work done on and would like to use something like it.. ).... I ran across what may be the answer to QUESTION # 1: Is there a way to show two wiki pages at a time?

It seems the brilliant mind behind monobook and multitemplate has also worked on a plugin solution for that. You can find it at…. I haven't installed it yet, but from the description, it might be what I'm looking for (?)... :-D
andi (Administrator) #3
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A very simple approach to question 1 could be to open both pages in a frame set.
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
Tito #4
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Subject: translation template...
Thank you, Andi.

I see. Am still trying to figure out formatting and css, but it seems a special translation template could be made just for that purpose and accessed by multitemplate by the translating team....

The key seems to be using a logical naming process for the pages so they could easily (automatically) be matched up... which leads to question number 2?
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