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Hackfest 2012 London
HåkanS #1
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Subject: Hackfest 2012 London
This year's Hackfest is kindly sponsored by Southeastern Railway who will provide us with space at their central London offices. DokuWiki users are welcome to drop by :-)

Date: June 29th to July 1st 2012

Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm and later (Fri - Sat); 10.00am - 3.00pm (Sun).

Southeastern Railway
Friars Bridge Court
41-45 Blackfriars Road
wayneLN #2
Member since Oct 2010 · 17 posts · Location: London UK
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Subject: HACKFEST 2012
The Hackfest is just starting to wind down and as the only 'user' here for the whole weekend it has been a fascinating experience. I am the host on this occasion and we are a big user of Dokuwiki which is the core application in our technical document management system, some 40,000 pages and 20,000 images.

I have been involved with technical document management for many years, in both aviation and rail. DokuWiki is the first really successful document management application I've implemented. Our user base has taken to it with ease and we continue to find new and innovative things we can do with the software.

The Hackfest has been a great opportunity to meet and chat with the developer community and others, and I can tell you, they are not nearly as scary as they sound. Everyone has been really friendly and interested in user experience and opinion, "No, I don't like that" and similar comments have been readily accepted. Certainly the Hackfest has given us a new take on how we might contribute to the DokuWiki community. Like many open source projects help and support are always needed, not only tech people and developers, but help with documentation, news content and all manner of other little things. I've been helping redesign the Home Page for instance, this weekend.

It has been a very useful, enjoyable and educational weekend, both technically and socially. I would really recommend other users, both big and small to get involved, and I've asked if the core team can make that easier by explaining more about the community and how people can help on the DokuWiki Home Pages. The Hackfest has been useful and great fun, and I haven't written a single line of code, not that I could anyway!!!
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andi (Administrator) #3
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Hey Wayne, first of all a big thank you again for sponsoring the location and also for all your valuable feedback. It was a lot of fun.

I just wanted to drop in here, to point out that some of the pictures I took are now online at Google+ and Facebook.
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wayneLN #4
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Hi Andi,

Hope you all had a good trip back home. Glad you enjoyed the weekend, it was a pleasure to host you all.

As I said it was very enjoyable and useful from my point of view. I'm sure many people, both users and plugin developers would also enjoy attending and pick up a lot of useful tips and help, as well as influencing the future direction of DokuWiki development. I will try and help Hakan with some of the publicity things and content development over the next few weeks.

Very Best Regards

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