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clearhistory plugin: Configurable long-term rollups
Slight extension for clearhistory
quadra #1
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Subject: clearhistory plugin: Configurable long-term rollups
Hi there

This plugin is excellent but I miss some flexibility. Instead of merging history entries by the same user within 1 hour, I'd like to keep 1 history entry per month or per year, regardless of who edited it last.
So I can keep a long-term history of my dokuwiki, and still get rid of irrelevant old changes that clutter up my disk. In other words, make my wiki sustainable over long time.

I have partially implemented this. However somebody more experienced may hopefully improve it, and turn it into a new version of the plugin.

The attached version will:
  * roll up ALL ENTRIES (regardless of the author) within ONE YEAR - WARNING! (The description in the admin interface no longer applies!)
  * add a notice to the merged history description text: (rollup 8760h)
  * fix issues no. 1 and 2 (compatibility with pagemove plugin, and with IPv6 addresses; see

Changes to version 2010-01-23 are marked using //MOD:
Line numbers are conserved except in the end (until line 214)

  * Update description of the plugin in the admin interface, for each language
  * Add configuration option to change the time delay ($hourstep is currently hardcoded to 8760 hours for a year)
  * Add configuration option to ignore the author or not (lines 189ff are now simply commented out)
  * Add configuration option to keep all changes since some date (so we could do consecutive rollups with different settings for different time periods)
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andi (Administrator) #2
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Please, clone the repository at github and do your changes on this clone. That way it's much easier to see what you did and how it can be improved and/or integrated into the original plugin.
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
quadra #3
Member since Jul 2012 · 2 posts
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Thank you andi. I will try, as soon as I have some spare time for it. I'm new to github so I'll need to learn the basics first
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