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Gallery: slideshow time, selectable theme, expand by default
... and direct link to image
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Subject: Gallery: slideshow time, selectable theme, expand by default
Hello !

The title says it all, almost.

There are 2 details which would contribute to make Gallery plugin more democratic, and it's all about the lightbox mode:

  * Allow user to select the jquery.prettyPhoto.js theme, in the Administration panel.
  * Allow user to set the slideshow time by the same way. BTW, script.js sets it to 2000 by default, is it a sane default ? (5000 is pretty's default, I personnally set it to 8000)

Next point is something I was unable to do myself, it is to have the view expanded by default. Right now, if my browser is set in normal screen (not F11 fullscreen), then if I expand the image and start slideshow, it falls back in reduced mode. I would prefer it to keep it the setting from image to image.
What I would even wish would be to expand the image all the time, and not having a reduced mode since I don't consider it very useful in my case.

Last point is something I would like to fix too. In lightbox mode, there is no way to get the direct link of the image. Right click doesn't display usual options due to javascript. So I think about 2 ways:
- One would be to disable the "change image" function when clicking on the image, and restrict it to the arrows.
- The other would be: add an option somewhere (like, near the closing button) which would point to that direct link.
- I don't know if there is a third...

Would be very thankful for that, am already a great fan of Dokuwiki.

Edit: While I'm at it, I also got a little issue with Gallery not using more than 80% of page width. It can be enlarged but then it's not centered anymore. I'll leave this to my poor CSS skill.
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