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topic: retrieve acls in own php script  in the forum: General Help and Support Features and Functionality
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Subject: retrieve acls in own php script

as i'm brand new in this forum (not in using DokuWiki) at first my greetings to y'all and a many thanks to the developers of DokuWiki! Keep on the very good work, it's a nice and easy to adapt wiki which fit's all my needs!

To the question: i've written a php script for several tasks concerning my specific adapts of DokuWiki. I'd like to know if it's possible to get the ACL list for a user by using some library functions that are allready delivered with DokuWiki....browsing the dev manuals didn't help me so far.

I'd need two functions:

*    determine who's logged in (may be there's a global var ??)
*    determine this users ACL regarding the self made script

Thanks a lot in advance and kindest regards,
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