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topic: Lost admin password  in the forum: General Help and Support Installation and Configuration
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Subject: Disable password verification, change password and re-enable verification
this has been tested in 2015-08-10a "Detritus" version.

in <dokuwiki home>/inc there is a file "PassHash.class.php" that does the password verification.

go to "verify_hash($clear, $hash)" function and simply add a "return true;" after the beginning.

then login with the user you want to recover. don't worry about the password you enter.

after login has succeded, go to "Update Profile" and change your password normally.

finally, go to "verify_hash($clear, $hash)" function and delete the "return true;" you added before.

from this point, everything will be back to normal: you know your new password and your wiki works as usual.
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