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topic: Graphviz URL links (Implement URL feature to Graphviz plugin)  in the forum: General Help and Support Plugins Plugin Wishlist
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Subject: Graphviz URL links
Hi there,

The Graphviz plugin is for us the best diagram plugin from DW.
- established popular syntax
- lightweight
- powerful
- can be locally installed (even faster, no internet needed)

However the current version does not implement the URL feature of Graphviz to allow clickable nodes in the resulting graph.

There was an attempt by Enrique M. as documented in the plugin page but it seems not to work in current versions.

This is such a helpful feature for a documentation diagram (clickable nodes) that the URL feature (dot MAPs) should become part of the plugin. Unfortunately I do not have the skills to do this myself, so I add here the suggestion to the community.
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