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topic: Creating a list of Employees using Struct Plugin.  in the forum: General Help and Support Plugins
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Subject: Creating a list of Employees using Struct Plugin.
I have been looking at this tutorial written for the Data plugin, but I am unable to find a way to make this work for Struct.

The form is creating pages as it should, but I think the template may be wrong. I can't get the tables to load Page Schema data.
What am I missing?

for the template page should I be using ---- struct page ---- or something else? Does that even matter?

The schema name I am using is called "employees" and I have all the related fields created.

Update: I have figured out how to populate my data, I see where there is schema fields embedded on the page when in edit mode, and adding values shows up on my struct table.

I am still trying to figure out how to get the Form to write these values.

nvm I figured it out, I will be posting an updated tutorial based off

for the Struct plugin.

Now if I could get it to query AD attributes for data...
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