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topic: How i can customize dw2pdf (user fonts)  in the forum: General Help and Support Plugins
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Subject: How i can customize dw2pdf (user fonts)
I use dokuwiki with a template. Custom fonts added to wiki: product icons.

Problem: how can I customize the output of PDF with icons? I have plugins dw2pdf + bookcreator, however, fonts cannot be connected.

Fonts copied in

sample of my configs in FontVariables.php:

namespace Mpdf\Config;

class FontVariables

    private $defaults;

    public function __construct()
        $this->defaults = [
            'fontdata' => [
                /* custom two fonts */
                "UDiconfont" => [
                    'R' => "UDiconfont.ttf",
                    'useOTL' => 0xFF,
                    'useKashida' => 75,
                "ud_menu-font" => [
                    'R' => "ud_menu-font.otf",
                    'R' => "ud_menu-font.woff",
                    'useOTL' => 0xFF,
                    'useKashida' => 75,

Please, help, tell me how can I display the font or display it as a picture
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