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topic: Tags hierarchy (Allow parent=>children relation between tags)  in the forum: General Help and Support Plugins Plugin Wishlist
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I know that this is an O-L-D post, but I got only recently involved with DokuWiki.
With the "tag" plugin, this can be solved by using multiple tags and representing your hierarchy in the tag namespaces:
For your "dogs" page:
      {{tag>category:animal subcategory:dog}}
For your "cats" page:
      {{tag>category:animal subcategory:cat}}

If you want to show a list of all animal wiki pages:

If you want to show a list of dog wiki pages:
      {{topic>category:animal +subcategory:dog}}

The "+" combination above ensures that you get only the pages that concern dogs as animals. You could for example have a set of Wiki pages with funny anecdotes about your own dog, which you would tag as {{tag>category:fun subcategory:dog}}.
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