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topic: Move Dokuwiki  in the forum: General Help and Support Installation and Configuration
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Subject: Can I expand on the question?
I use dokuwiki and am constantly shifting it to new sites. The shift goes well except sometimes I find that I cannot edit the pages, the buttons simply do not appear.

My Dokuwiki user is defined by the user qualification when they log into phpbb forum (must be administrator). When someone logs in with that status the pages are editable, generally.

For my site move I do the following

Whether smart or otherwise (opinions please), I change the file permissions for

chmod 777 httpdocs/pages/data/cache (recursively)
chmod 777 httpdocs/pages/data/pages (recursively)

I also make a domain name change in


Sometimes this works perfectly, other times not and I can't figure out why not?

Dokuwiki works in all sense other than not being able to edit.

When I run pages/doku.php?do=check
I get..............

DokuWiki version: snapshot?
Consider upgrading PHP to 4.3.10 or higher for security reasons (your version: 4.3.9)
Changelog is writable
Datadir is writable
Attic is writable
Mediadir is writable
Cachedir is writable
conf/users.auth.php is not writable
mb_string extension not available - PHP only replacements will be used
Debugging support is enabled. If you don't need it you should set $conf['allowdebug'] = 0
Your current permission for this page is 255
The current page is writable by the webserver
The current page is writable by you

I too would like to know more of what to check when moving from one site to another.


A Human
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