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topic: Search is very slow after version upgrade  in the forum: General Help and Support Installation and Configuration
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Subject: Search is very slow after version upgrade

I've upgraded my dokuwiki on Ubuntu 14.04 "Detritus" to "Release 2018-04-22a "Greebo"" recently.

During the upgrade, I also had to upgrade PHP version to "".

The only problem I have left after the upgrade is that the search is VERY slow: It takes about 15 seconds to bring search results, before the upgrade, this was instantaneous . The wiki is also quite small, around 1000 pages.

I've tried the possible solutions on FAQs/forums such as rebuilding the index but nothing seems to help.

What I also noticed is that an apache process reaches 100% for as long as the search runs and ends right after the results are displayed. I know that's the process that's slowing things down but I don't know how to troubleshoot at this point and would welcome any recommendations!

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