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topic: XMLRPC Service Issue  in the forum: General Help and Support General Stuff
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From the code, there is only one position return 'forbidden to call the method'. It's because 'remoteuser' is set in the settings.

I encoutered this problem today. In my case I found the reason is: a group name is set in 'remoteuser' setting, but the syntax is wrong. The right syntax for a group name is insert a '@' before group name.

The original code is:

    public function call($methodname, $args){
        try {
            $result = $this->remote->call($methodname, $args);
            return $result;
        } catch (RemoteAccessDeniedException $e) {
            if (!isset($_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'])) {
                return new IXR_Error(-32603, "server error. not authorized to call method $methodname");
            } else {
                return new IXR_Error(-32604, "server error. forbidden to call the method $methodname");
        } catch (RemoteException $e) {
            return new IXR_Error($e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());
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