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topic: Css disappear  in the forum: General Help and Support General Stuff
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I have a similar problem as described by Nickoo previously.
Dokuwiki is running on Apache/2.2.4 and FreeBSD 8.0

Dokuwiki worked perfectly since nearly a year (we currently have the last version). There's nearly a month ago we made some modifications on our webservices. I modified some modules on Apache and made a pass on the dokuwiki configuration (activating xml-RPC and modified other options).
I suspect the changes I made on Apache to be the problem, but on the test server I have the same problem and can't find the answer.

Here are my tests to point the problem :

- When the problem occurs, I start another browser (Firefox instead of Opera) and the problem is there also.
- If I change css/cache related options it works some time (cache time, template, CSS compression, etc.)

- Launched the findbadphp script with no related errors :
/usr/local/www/intranet/lib/images/fileicons/index.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/lib/tpl/default/mediamanager.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/lib/tpl/cyanide/mediamanager.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/conf/users.auth.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/conf/acl.auth.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/bin/wantedpages.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/bin/dwpage.php doesn't start with <?php
/usr/local/www/intranet/bin/indexer.php doesn't start with <?php
- I have nothing in the log files related to php, with LogLevel debug

- Everything is done with the default template
- Tried accessing css.php : blank page
- Tried accessing css.php&purge=1 : css is working.
- I hacked the css_cacheok function : the css are loaded
function css_cacheok($cache,$files,$tplinc){
    global $config_cascade;

    return false;

- The access log is a 200 OK status code, but an empty page is sent : - - [24/Jun/2010:14:33:17 +0200] "GET /lib/exe/css.php HTTP/1.1" 200 -
and - - [24/Jun/2010:14:35:49 +0200] "GET /lib/exe/css.php?purge=true HTTP/1.1" 200 29139
- I tried installing dokuwiki on another server (new machine, new webserver), same problem. Actually all my tests on this test server except the cache hack because we need dokuwiki.

The debug file is available here.
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