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list pages in namespace with image
jroeterd #1
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Subject: list pages in namespace with image

I am looking for a solution for the following.
My father in law is buying and selling antique jewelery and although he is very unknown with computers he would like to have a site where people can see the current available objects to sell.

I thought about creating a dokuwiki site for him. In my ideal world he could then add pages in a namespace for each item with a few photo's and some detail information and then a 'catalog' page would be created automatically with a listing of all pagenames with one photo. This can all be realized by using the pagequery plugin except for the photo.

Is there an option to realize this concept. An automatically generated page listing all pagenames in a namespace with before or after the pagename a photo (taken from the pages, the first one for example). Any other way to realize such a feature ... ?

dominik #2
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You can use the data plugin.

just place a data entry on every page with an object and use a datatable to show the objects.
to show images you can use the _wiki fieldtype and simply add a value like [[link:to:page|{{image:in:wiki.jpg}}]].
jreso61 #3
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It is a very old discussion. But I don't know how to implement your suggestion.

Isn't it possible to use nspages plugin and look into the first image in the page to display it with the title ?

Could someone have a suggestion ?

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