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No plugin icons in toolbar
Did I miss something I have to do for viewing plugin icons in toolbar?
kykof #1
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Subject: No plugin icons in toolbar
Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie user of DokuWiki.
I am trying to start my personal project wiki on QuickPHP and with vector template, of course I installed currently new versions of everything.
I installed a few plugins (codebutton, colorpicker, divalign2, note) but none of them appeared in toolbar.
How is that possible? Am I miss anything?
Please be patient, I am really noob at this. And of course, sorry for my poor english.
Thanks for useful tips.
hArpanet #2
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kykov, it could be...

a cache problem - maybe your browser or QuickPHP is cacheing the edit page. I know I had trouble getting other buttons to appear, but I can't remember what I tried to get them to show, but it was probably clearing my cache.

a clash between one of those plugins (I don't use any of them unfortunately, so can't confirm). I recommend that you disable (or uninstall) them, then re-enable (install) them one at a time and test your wiki to see if it works.
turnermm (Moderator) #3
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I tested diavalign2.  It is not functioning properly in either weatherwax or adora belle.  It may be that these other plugins are not compatible with the current dokuwiki.  The icon appears in the toolbar but it doesn't work.
Myron Turner
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