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i have a problem with special chars.
it isn't the ussual problem with special chars
al_bac #1
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Subject: i have a problem with special chars.
well, the problem is that i create the .txt files for my pages using an external php script and not on dokuwiki itself, when i check these files using wordpad, word, whatever you want, they seen perfectly normal (showing all the special chars like ñ or á) but when i load them using dokuwiki these chars are not recognized, then i try to create the same page in dokuwiki it has no problems and the result with other programs gives the same result as the file created by my php script.

i have no idea what is wrong in my files or the way they are created by my php script but i'll thank any help you can bring me (when you write in spanish and write "e" instead of  "é" you're considered a dumbass =P)

i'll put here the code that creates the content of the .txt file and the creation of the file itself if it can be of any help

      $ruta ='C:\\Servidor\\Web\\dokuwiki\\data\\pages\\prueba\\'.$nspace.'.txt'; //the URL for the new file
      $handle=fopen($ruta,'x'); //creates the file and stay ready to write it
       //all this string its the content of the file, notice the dokuwiki sintax on it
      $cont ='====== '.$_GET['n'].' (Memorando No. '.$memo.')======

==== Archivos Informe ====

Por favor añada en este espacio los archivos correspondientes a la documentación del informe((No incluir documentos de recomendaciones o seguimientos en esta página)) seguido un comentario del mismo (ejemplo: sin revisar o la fecha en la que se adjunta a la página)

==== Recomendaciones ====

En este segmento se hace un listado de las recomendaciones realizadas en este informe. Para consultar cualquiera de ellas siga el vinculo, si desea ingresar una nueva recomendación presione el boton.
<form method="post" action="phpprueba/formreco.php">
  <input type="hidden" name="memo" value="'.$memo.'">
  <input type="submit" value="Formulario Recomendación"/>
      fwrite($handle,$cont);  //this is where the file is written

i'll wait anxiously your replies
andi (Administrator) #2
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DokuWiki uses the UTF-8 charset. Make sure you use it, too.
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
al_bac #3
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thank you for your reply.

i have configured php to use UTF-8 (also configured apache, mysql and phpmyadmin according to the instructions i found here: ) but the problem remains, any other sugestion??
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