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contact plugin works fine, moderncontact doesn't
bb88 #1
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Subject: contact plugin works fine, moderncontact doesn't
I used the contact plugin for some time on a
  2009-12-25b "Lemming"
dokuwiki and it works fine.
Now I get spams quite often und found the moderncontact plugin:
It is meant to work very similar to the original one, only it allows recaptcha.
So I installed 'moderncontact' (and deactivated 'contact') and configured it with a recaptcha key.
BUT now the page renders only a media icon with the name 'contact' and not the form.

Switching back to 'contact' and deactivating 'moderncontact' works fine.
What can be the cause of the failure?
DjR #2
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Subject: Works for me . . .
This is an old note, so possibly stale. I was just looking for a contact plugin for my dokuwiki site, and did a little forum search first. I opted to try "contactmodern" first, and it is working splendidly "out of the box".

My site is current stable (2014-05-05a "Ponder Stibbons") - is it just that you need to upgrade from the version mentioned in the original post (2009-12-25b "Lemming")? It isn't 100% clear whether this is still the version you're running.

Anyway, I thought it worth noting that I've had good experience with "Modern Contact" (a.k.a. "contactmodern") - FWIW.
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