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[Ponder Stibbons] vector template faulty
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Subject: [Ponder Stibbons] vector template faulty
When upgrading to Ponder Stibbons, I've noticed that the wiki remains usable, but there are the following bugs:

- borders in tables are missing
- coloured background in table headers is missing
- table of contents of a page is a little weird (boxes where they should not be)
- media manager does not fill into white "paper" box (the thin blue borders of "article")
- search field to the upper right has also strange box
- admin: "additional plugins" does not line up below "popularity feedback" but to the right (clear all is missing)
- admin: user management and configuration both look strange now

The Extension manager is great!!
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ach (Administrator) #2
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There is a bug report which explains all currently reported issues with the Vector template under Ponder Stibbons:

Until this is fixed in the core, it can be "fixed" by disabling compression [].
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