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Editing Template Content
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Subject: Editing Template Content
Hi. Yes, I'm a noob.

1. I've already spent over 30 hrs trying to get my wiki set up. I've looked at help topics and found some of the information contradictory, and most of it over my head. I'm not a programmer, so the code means almost nothing to me. I have my own domain, the dokuwiki installation works, I have sub-domains for each wiki, but I don't know where to direct them to for a farm.

2. I want to edit the sidebars in my template (monobook) to add a TOC and to change the contents of the navigation and toolbox boxes.

3. I want to have a farm of two plus wiki.  I've downloaded the plugin, and followed the instructions, etc. No go. I have no idea where the farm directories go, what file I edit to tell the program where I put what files, and how to create two separate wikis that use the same style and template, but have different content and tables of content.

At this point, I'm seriously considering sticking my finger in an electrical outlet until the solution comes to me in a flash of blue sparks, but my wife says that's too muck like fun, so I struggle on without.  Please help.  Thanks
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Most of this is a duplicate of and it's not related to this sub forum ("Template Wishlist"). I will close this thread. Can you please open a new one only with one request (or several for each request)?
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