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Most plugins not working
long #1
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Subject: Most plugins not working
I have a strange and time consuming problem ....

I am running dokuwiki as an add-on to a CMS operating on an intranet. It has worked wonderfully for a few years, except that I have never been able to get the plugins to work. It has never really been an issue up until now, however, I really would like to install a couple of syntax plugins.

Normally, I don't use ACL, however when I do activate it, all the admin plugins work fine (acl, plugin manager, user manager, info). No matter what settings I use though, I cannot get any syntax or action plugins to work. The syntax used within the page simply does not show up in the preview or the saved page.
For example, ~~CLOUD~~  (CLOUD plugin) or <note> some text </note> (NOTE plugin) or <m>S(f)(t)=a_{0}+sum{n=1}</m> (math2 plugin) simply do not show anything on the rendered page.

I have tried about a dozen plugins, with no success.

Can anyone please suggest where I might need to reconfigure my system to get plugins to work?

Dokuwiki Version: 2007-06-26b
Server: Windows Server2000 sp4, Apache2.2, Php5.2
Apache has read/write permissions on all folders and files (for the sake of troubleshooting this issue)
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You have my utmost sympathy...
I do not yet have met such a ''big'' problem on 4 dokuwiki's set up.

On reading your system conf. I suspect that Windows Server is giving these headaches,
since that is the additional item compared to my setups.
Maybe the user is not "Apache" but some other name ?

Try posting in the forum "Installation and Configuration" ?
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