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Locking a part of a page
alesp #1
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Subject: Locking a part of a page
In our DokuWiki usecase, we have encountered this situation.

  • The page is being edited as usual. It contains some text that should be moved to a production environment after a deadline and we want to prevent accidental editation of obsolete data without removing them from the wiki.
  • After the deadline, the page's content should be manually locked -- but not whole page, only a part (beneath some header of any level).
  • We would like to be able to place a lock on such section. The lock would disable the editation option for any user. The lock should contain some options such as reason for placing it. The reason would be displayed alongside the header and some lock sign, the section should be grayed out.
  • The section can be unlocked by owner of the lock, admin or a specific group of users (unlocking and following editation should be possible only one after another).

Unfortunately, we do not have any spare manpower to do this, so I'm placing this idea here to see if anyone is interested :).
Aleksandr #2
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You can to use the Include Plugin.
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Dr-Yukon #3
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And ACL Plugin
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