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Plugin to register user's activity by date an hour
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Subject: Plugin to register user's activity by date an hour
I have an Operator team which sit in the night and watch for servers and data transfers. I would like to use Dokuwiki as some kind of Event Viewer.  I need some plugin which will have option to store all events which will happen during their night shift. Then I need to share this info to other departments. For example:

2015-02-03 02:15  John Rambo  AS400 Servers   Problem with transfers from server A to server B - restarted FTP service
2015-02-03 03:11  Joe Black     Windows Server  Printer error on logistics platform - switched to secondary printer

It would be perfect If there will be a monthly view and option to look for events by technician or date.

Any information will be helpful

Thanks in advance.
Dr-Yukon #2
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If you want to see events on wiki - use its RSS
If you want to see some user editions - use userhistory plugin
If you want to see events from another sites - use {{rss> }} syntax

For your problem - use standart wiki table syntax
|  Date  |  Hour  |  Techician  |  Domain  |  Notes  |

Or use exttab3 plugin - it work with mediawiki table syntax
{| align="center"

Also you can try to use constuction from personal lists (by include plugin) with sorting by date by sortablejs plugin but I'm not sure for this variant. Maybe can help blog plugin or any news plugins with date management
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In reply to post #1

if such log to be created manually by your team members you could check if that is similar to your needs. Adaptation and extension should not be that complicated.

if your Events are delivered from some certain tool then you have to specify your requirements more detailed.

best regards
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