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Hi from the Low Lands
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Subject: Hi from the Low Lands
Hello DW forum readers,

My name is Harriet and I live in the Netherlands.
I work at an organization with education and research as its core business. Our ICT department consists of ~120 ppl.

I came accrossed DokuWiki as sort of an inheritence: I got to maintain a wiki that was used by a small group of ppl within the department, I've put quite a bit of time in it and now it is the pretty heavily used departmental wiki. :-)

Although I'm not a programmer, I am an open source enthousiast. "Free as in speech, not beer" (quote from Richie Stallman), makes me smile every time.
So far however I have only used and not given anything back. This needs to change and I have high hopes to do so for, and with, DokuWiki.
I consider spreading knowledge as sort of a sacred activity and wikis are a tool to do so. And since I tell myself I have a (modest) feel for (human) lanuages, things (my contribution) might actually come together here @DokuWiki.

In my spare time I love to ride motorcycle, listen to classical music like Zeppelin, Hendrix and Jack White. And I take care of the 2 rabits and 3 guinee pigs that we keep, running free, in our small back yard.

Well, that's about enough for now.
Back to DokuWiki!

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