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Page of the day
Lucker #1
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Subject: Page of the day
Could you please advise if there is a plugin to include a random page in the other page with changing it every day once in a day? I would like to show "The page of the day"on the start page, but all plugins I found show random page every time it's rendered.
Dr-Yukon #2
User title: Rainbow_Spike
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2) or use some javascript in template

3) if you use this feature on all pages, you can attach random page block in template with PHP code. for example, in page's bottom, or in float sidebar

I have a similar solution for logos in my site every 10 minutes logo changed from 0 to 8 with step by 1 and it's link changed too, but link isn't numbered. here some code from my template

$rlogo=time() / 600 % 9;
echo '<a href="/';
 case 0 : echo 'wiki';break;
 case 1 : echo 'sci-fi/freefall';break;
 case 2 : echo 'gamer/lwhag';break;
 case 3 : echo 'sci-fi/kitty';break;
 case 4 : echo 'mlp/apdp';break;
 case 5 : echo 'gamer/yafgc';break;
 case 6 : echo 'sci-fi/kitty';break;
 case 7 : echo 'gamer/gamercat';break;
 case 8 : echo 'gamer/weegee';
echo '/index"><img class="r_logo rightalign" src="'.DOKU_TPL.'images/logo'.$rlogo.'.png" alt="'.tpl_getLang('title').'"></a>
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Lucker #3
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Dr-Yukon, thank for advices.

Guess I should be more specific with what I try to achieve. I built kind of dictionary with following structure:
In every "letter" directory/namespace there is a file with a list of the pages of the current namespace, and it should be excluded.
Additionally, I have the namespaces (ex. with subnamespaces I'd prefer to exclude as page of the day.

1) I could figure out eventually how to use it despite confusing comments and additional fork (I'm not a developer, just can understand some simple code). Actually, it doesn't work as I'd like to. The first thing is poor options. Can't understand how to include all "letter" namespaces but exclude some pages. The second it works as a link, not a rendered page.
2) I would prefer to avoid JS solution to make it work with core engine functions
3) This should be a single page (start page). I thought about creating a page somewhere in my installation and include it with, for instance, include plugin with some divs and css classes, but can't find a solution to render random page once in a day. So, including a function in template file wouldn't work

Any other ideas are really welcome.
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