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Reindex all pages
Daulken #1
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Subject: Reindex all pages
Hey all,

What I'm looking for is probably fairly easy, but I'm really busy and I don't actually know PHP (I can read it reasonably well, but I think this would take me way longer than it would for someone else).

Anyway, my game wiki is about 80% code generated, so the vast majority of my site is externally edited, so Backlinks just don't work well (despite the fact that I try and use them extensively).

I'm looking for a simple plugin that will go through and reindex the entire site (using the sitemap).

I can't imagine it would take more than about 10 lines of code to just do a quick and dirty version 1.0.  Then, if it's popular you could expand on it and use regex for pages to skip, or to include, or whatever.  Maybe starting namespaces, etc.  For me though, the site is only about 400 pages (most under 1k), so I'd be fine with it just doing everything.

NOTE:  Deleting the indexes forces them to reindex once the page is edited, but the pages are usually never edited directly, so that isn't a solution for me.

I'd offer a bounty, but I don't know what's appropriate.  It's worth a little bit to me just to save me having to learn enough PHP to do it, so if it's as easy as I suspect it would be, someone will get nicely rewarded.  If it's way more complex, feel free to let me know and I'm sure I'll come up with something more specific.

turnermm (Moderator) #2
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There is a searchindex  plugin.
Myron Turner
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Daulken #3
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Thank you.  I searched for reindex, rebuild index, etc. and didn't come up with anything.

Didn't even occur to me that search would be the main reason people might want to do that.

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