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Need Help using the Database Plug-in
earlttx #1
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Subject: Need Help using the Database Plug-in
I'm a newbie using DokuWiki and have installed the Database plugin via the Plugin Manager.
Now, how do I begin using it?

The latest version of Dokuwiki is installed locally on my computer
and I'm using version 1.0.3 (2007-07-18) of the Database plugin.

Is there a page or URL I need to access in order to create a new database?
Do I need to create a blank page with specific markup to start?

I've checked the previous posts and the plugin developer's site but can not find an answer.

Am I missing an obvious step here?

Any help would be appreciated.

pchan #2
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1° Try this:

Getting Started
A new namespace named database is created, and within that there is one folder called “Create Table”.
Any actions within the database namespace are intercepted by the new database functionality.
For example when the “Create Table” folder is clicked, the admin user is prompted:

    *  to enter the table name and to click a button to create it.
    *  then to create the first column in the table
    *  then to create more columns as required

2° Just in case you misunderstood the term "databases": the data is stored in files actually created in the namespace 'database'.

3° I don't think there is any specific markup, since it is an action plugin and not syntax plugin. Very unfortunate!
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