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ACL User Management - how do I add users?
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Subject: ACL User Management - how do I add users?
Hi everyone,

I'm having a rather foolish problem with DokuWiki, and I'm not sure if it's related to my just not understanding the software or whether it's a mis-install of some kind (my host is 34SP, I used their auto-install script on for my domain with them).

I have two problems. The first/biggest is that I can't figure out how to register new users. The documentation seems to talk about their being a "register" button somewhere, or if openregister is turned off that it should be a visible entry under "User Management" when I'm logged in as admin. Unfortunately neither of those is there, and after a good hunt around I haven't been able to find anything :/

The second appears to be a chmod/file permissions type problem, which is that when I try to change the group ALL so that it only has read authority I get write errors on acl.auth.php. As I said, I figure I can just chmod the files to fix this, although I'm surprised the install script misconfigured things like this? Anyway, I really only mention this on the off chance that it's related to the first problem.

If anyone can offer any help it would be much appreciated! :)
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