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Michelle in Michigan
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Subject: Michelle in Michigan

Working on getting DokuWiki set up to use as a user help for our product, Income Analyzer.  (  Definitely going to be a learning curve as this is my first experience with a wiki.  Very excited to get it up and running.  :-)

Personally, I work as the Product Manager for the Income Analyzer product.  I also do some Web Design and photography on the side.  Age?  Its all relative.  Can we just leave it at >35?
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Ha, you can be as young as you want, I don't care.

I'm really interested (apart from you :p) in what kind of themes people devise for DokuWiki. It has just been my experience that most wikis see very scarce web design for them, and even looking at some wordpress themes out there makes you realize that the level of design and the amount of it that generally goes into wikis, is very minimal and even abysmal.

But I am not a webdesigner myself, I am only a programmer. I cannot do design as easily because I'm a little colour blind and although I'm good at layout (as long as it's black and white) the actual graphics I cannot do, usually.

Anyway, regards, and good luck with it, and I hope to see something nice from you.

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