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Bookmark pages internally
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Subject: Bookmark pages internally
I'm looking for a way to store pagelinks in some kind of clipboard, to paste them later into wikipages.
I heavilly use ctrl-c/ctrl-v for page linking, by copying the current dokuwiki-path and paste it somewhere.
Well, a function which simply add the path to the current page into clipboard may be sufficient also. But using the computers clipboard "inside" a web application is a hard task. Security guidelines are against you, here ;-)

So it may be smarter to use an "internal" clipboard. My thoughts are so: I browse through pages and everytime i get over a page i want to link to later, i click on a button like "Bookmark this page". This will add the pages ID into a list on the sidebar.
If i want to add some of those links into the pagesource, i simply drag'n'drop them, or click on a button beneath the link to add it at the textcursor location.
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You don't say which browser or OS you prefer... would the Firefox plugin Copy URL help?  Not a perfect solution as you possibly(?) only want the namespace rather than the full path and I don't know what native tools you'll have available to extract the namespace. Perhaps RegEx Firefox Shortcuts might help.

I use the Copy URL extension and Klipper to do what (I believe) you describe.
To use it:-
  1. Click on the [Image:] (Copy URL button in the Toolbar). The URL is then parsed by Klipper and, as it matches the RegEx for a DokuWiki URL, the namespace is extracted and stored in the clipboard.
  2. To use the most recent "Klipped" namespace just paste. Multiple namespaces can be stored by Klipper.

tl;dr? left-click to copy URL, centre-click to paste namespace

My Klipper RegEx for the Action properties is ^(http)(.)+doku.php\?id\=(.*)$; it's set to Automatic; the Description is Extract DokuWiki NameSpace; the Command is echo %s|cut -d "=" -f2 ; and the Output Handling is Replace Clipboard.

If you want to copy the URLs of many tabs:-
  * The Firefox plugin Copy URLs Expert will copy URLs from multiple open tabs, and also works with Klipper.
  * You can manually do it in Firefox Windows Alt+T+O+C; in Firefox Linux Alt+E+N+C. Note that other plugins may interfere and you will need to undo that after you've done (Use Current Pages as Homepage).
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Yet another powreful FF add-on - Easy Copy
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