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Another Austrian guy is here
sushifan #1
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Subject: Another Austrian guy is here
Hello All,

first of all - many thanks for this great peace of software!

OK - my name is Karl, I am from Linz in Austria (you know: "No kangaroos here"  :-D )
I was and am still working in IT for the last - lets say - 35 years. Currently I am the admin of JIRA and Confluence supporting about 2000 users.

Now you surely would ask why I am here in this forum. I was looking for a simple but powerful software to document my private IT stuff and that of my friends and neighbours who are supported by me. After a lot of searching and reading I decided to give DokuWiki a try.
My main topics are the installation and configuration of private networks as well as simple home servers (mostly Synology stuff or self built machines based on Debian) and - most important - the backup. You know that on the private side "backup" is a not so well known word  :rolleyes:

Hopefully I can give something back to this community!
DokuWiki installed on Synology DS114 (1 user) - template: vector - main plugins: ckgedit, Indexmenu
SonoDavid2 #2
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Subject: Hello Austrian guy
Hello Karl,

I am from also working with JIRA and Confluence, but I think DokuWiki has a nice little community and most importantly it's free and open source :)

I hope you can find something useful here  :-D


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