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Images and high-resolution displays/browser zoom
Scale images in the browser only, not on the server
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Subject: Images and high-resolution displays/browser zoom

we are using DokuWiki to document our products. When we embed images, we use the following syntax to scale the images to a smaller size, e.g. 400 pixel in this case:

{{:myimage.png?nolink&400x200|My Image}}

Unfortunately, it seems instead of delivering the original image and having the browser resizing the image, Dokuwiki scales the image at the server side and sends the smaller image to the browser. This results in pixelized/bad looking images when the user has an high DPI display (like smartphone or Retina display) or zooms into the page, or printing the page, etc...

Is there a way to have Dokuwiki to deliver the original image, and then resize it in the browser by using a CSS style like "width: 400px; heigh: 200px;" etc.? This would greatly improve the appearance of images on high-resolution displays.

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Subject: No retina support in 2017
I have the same problem here among with the Logo.

I don't find a way to properly embed high resolution / retina images. When the file name contains the scaling factor (@2x, @3x, @4x), you'll just get an errormessage ("logo@4x.png is not a valid filename"). When you leave it away, they will be always displayed as huge blurry images with 2-, 3- or 4-times size but in 72 dpi resolution. And when you use the dokuwiki scaling option, these will be scaled server side to blurry 72 dpi.  :-(

I tried SVG as workaround, but it seems Dokuwiki doesn't support SVG as Logo.

Any suggestions?
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