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Images are rotated?
SoN9ne #1
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Subject: Images are rotated?

I am including 2 images in a wiki entry and for some reason, both images are showing the exact same thing but not what the actual images are... These images are hosted on AWS S3 and when you click the link it shows the correct image. I am resizing the image using ?400 but even removing this resize the images are still wrong. in fact the image is flipped for the second image and the first is rotated 90 degrees.

I cannot find a setting to fix this and the rotate plugin is not installed as it has not been updated it over 2 years.

Has anyone had this issue? Any insight is appreciated.

This is what I am using currently:


These images may not work for you... I cannot remember if these are IP restricted.

If I cannot resolve this I will need to find an alternative wiki and I really don't want to do that :(

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User title: Scott Ferguson
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Both photos are browse-able (nice Smoothie unit!), but the second link is to a rotated image (I've attached it, optimised, with the correct rotation).

I've had it happen to me - with pictures I'd taken on a phone. When I loaded them in GIMP I got a warning that they were rotated, but I ignored it as they viewed the correct way up. After uploading them to the webserver I found they were rotated...

The fix was to apply the suggested rotation in GIMP when optimising for web use (or to rotate them in DigiKam or Gwenview, which didn't display as if they were the right-way up).

tl;dr? In my case the problem wasn't DokuWiki it was the original image.
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Thank you! I tried using exif tools to edit the orientation... Never even thought to use Gimp... Thanks a lot. I was able to fix both images now.
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