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webdavclient & davcal & owncloud calendar
maksibec #1
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Subject: webdavclient & davcal & owncloud calendar
Hi everyone,

First of all: thanks for this great piece of wiki software, which keeps amazing me time and again especially the more I use it :)

I stumbled upon the plugins caldav and webdavclient and am trying to do the following:

  • DokuWiki Release 2016-06-26a "Elenor of Tsort" installation on server A
  • ownCloud 7.0.15 (stable) installation on server B
  • oC-user M has a shared calendar V running in the ownCloud
  • I would like to display calendar V also in a DokuWiki page
  • so I installed both caldav and webdavclient and in WebDAV connection setup I add a connection with oC-user M’s login credentials
  • DokuWiki/webdavclient successfully finds all of M’s calendars upon clicking “Discover”
  • however when trying to “Force Sync” I get an error message I do not understand: “Fetching ETags from remote server failed.”

As a result nothing is being displayed :(

Ideally I would not only want to display the calendar but also make it editable via the wiki (any wiki user should be able to add/modify/(delete) events).

Thanks for your advice & help!


andyboeh #2
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It might be that oC 7 is too old for webdavclient: It has been tested with OC9+/NC9+ only. However, please create an issue at as that is the place to ask for support for webdavclient.
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