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i have some problem.
how can i ban the copy(the crtl+c or the mouse right )on the front page
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Subject: i have some problem.
i have some can i ban the copy(use the crtl+c or the mouse right )on the front page?waiting for answer
User title: Scott Ferguson
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To do that only on the front page you could use the inlineJS plugin and the following code:-
jQuery(document).bind("contextmenu", function (e) {                                                     
        alert("To copy the content of this page:-\n\tSave page\n\tPrint page\n\tprint screen\n\tuse wget or CURL\n\thighlight content and press Ctrl+c\n\tView source and download images using direct links\n\nTo re-enable right click - copy and paste into the URL bar:-\njavascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null);");                                                            

Important - using that plugin is a potential security risk.

Note also that disabling right-click does not stop people copying your web page.

To disable right-click for the entire DokuWiki, without the same risks as using the plugin - put that code into $DokuWiki/conf/userscript.js

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