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Created genealogy page using dokuwiki
nerfer #1
Member since May 2016 · 2 posts · Location: Chicagoloand
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Subject: Created genealogy page using dokuwiki
Hello from Chicagoland,
My project last summer was to set up a wiki for some of my genealogy stuff.  It's worked pretty well, figured out how to use sidebars and export to PDF, etc.  Still struggling to show a tree in a friendly manner, but that's a different topic.

In case you're interested:

I'm a software engineer, but C/C++ in the embedded world (small controller doo-dads), no database experience, no PHP until now.  I was still able to get in there and tweak a couple things though.
turnermm (Moderator) #2
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Myron Turner
plugins, templates:
andi (Administrator) #3
User title: splitbrain
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Very interesting. I always wanted to do something like that for my family. But never came around to start.

I would probably add some structured meta data (like birth and death days, parents) through the struct plugin. That might be useful for displaying a tree later on...
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virk #4
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@nerfer: Maybe in "configuration" you mentioned the wrong start page; instead of un:00_start just 00_start?
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