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Create & Delete Media sub-Namespace from the URL
It worked from the URL!!  Be careful and get the right pathname and namespaces!
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Subject: Create & Delete Media sub-Namespace from the URL
We would like to be able to create and remove namespaces (after moving media files out).

I've tried several things, searches on the forum, the wiki, the plugins and got some ideas.
Then tried CKG Editor Media Manager with no success.

Then thought that maybe we could Create and Delete Media Folders from the URL just as we can pages in the text side.

I tried creating a new media namespace from the URL the same way we can create new pages,
From the top main page I went into media manager. this was the url…?id=opencpn&…

So I just added

because I knew opencpn:files  exists.

I hit enter!  Now I can see that the nmea directory is shown!!

It seems to me that this is so easy it could be made into a plugin or something that would be easier for folks.

I have another question about this.

I first tried the CKG Editor Media Tool and it seems to have better control and browsing and even has a Make new Folder button.
but it did not "see" all of the namespaces and seemed to be very restrictive in that way no matter what I did.

Additionally our Index does not work. When I hit Index  -> "this topic does not exist"
Should I  re-index the site making sure indexer is turned on?

Will that help CKG Media manager with seeing the full directory structure?

Another topic:
How to Delete EMPTY  media Folders/Directories/Namespaces?
Make sure it is empty.
Now hit enter.

and  "nmea" is removed from the directory.

Now I can use this technique to clean up after users who have misplaced media files.
I've also found that Move Plugin does this quite well by being able to move Image files to the correct directory.

Same way as deleting a page from the URL?  Empty the namespace. Then remove the namespace from the end of the URL and then just hit enter?   Yes, the empty namespace is removed.  I believe all empty namespaces will be removed but I have to learn more about this trick.

I wish we have  Search ______ and Replace ________  from within Dokuwiki so that we could easily search + replace just the current page for a start.  This is just text to be used for fixing lots of links on a page.  3 Steps.
1. Define search and replace.
2. Hit enter to find the instances.
3. Open a page to see what it will change.
4. Hit enter or Escape.
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Subject: Tried managing Media Manager from the URL - impossible.
We're getting more Editors.  They are learning and making mistakes with Media Manager.
Photos are being dumped all over the place.

I am using Move Plugin to move the photos, but very cautiously.
However the directory structure in Media Center is a mess. No wonder they get confused!!!

I need to delete folder from the media center, easily!!!
Most of these folders are empty, but not the right ones!

How can I do this EASILY?

Thanks Rick

PS: we need   Create & Remove  for both Media and Content namespaces.
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