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Approval / sign off
cjohnsonuk #1
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Subject: Approval / sign off
We're looking at storing policies and procedures in the wiki, using bureaucracy / structured data plugins to create metadata about each policy/ procedure etc

There will be a short list of people that have to approve policies.  Is it possible to list all the pages in a namespace where they are not the latest author.  That way we can put a list on their home/landing page for pages that have changed that they need to review and update the approved date (or make some other change)

Is there a better way of doing approval?
cziehr #2
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Do you know the publish-plugin: ?
FosseWay #3
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I agree with cziehr. I'm using the Publish plugin on my wiki, and it sounds like it would be useful to you too.

Pages where approval is pending get a banner with this text:

This version (2017/03/24 18:02) is a draft.
Approvals: 0/1
Approve document

Only users with appropriate rights will see a link to approve the document. You can set the number of approvals which are needed before a revision is marked as approved.

Once approved, pages get a banner with this text:

This version (2016/10/11 11:43) was approved by <approval.user>. The Previously approved version (2016/09/22 13:26) is available. [diff]

...where <approval.user> is someone with appropriate rights, which you can manage via ACL (see Publish plugin docs), and <diff> is a small red-blue 3D glasses icon which links to a diff between old and new. It all looks a bit nicer than my code snippets imply, too.

Finally, you can list all pages pending approval in a namespace, and bulk approve. I have a page like this:

====== Page review & approval ======
While anyone can edit the wiki, pages will be marked as Draft until they are approved by an Approver:

...wjere the [APPROVALS] tag gets expanded into the list of pages pending approval, with links to approve them, including approval for an entire namespace at once.
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