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I have finally posted more than Chi
It only took me 6.27 years
ach (Administrator) #1
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Subject: I have finally posted more than Chi
Chi was so prolific in this forum (and in DokuWiki in general) that when he left DokuWiki (and the internet) in November 2010 he had posted way more in this forum than anyone else had, 1851 times to be precise. Only two other forum users (andi and turnermm) have surpassed him since then... until now!
Today my time has come and I'm the third forum member in that exclusive club. Because this post is my 1852nd! :) It "only" took me 6.27 years...
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andi (Administrator) #2
User title: splitbrain
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Congratulations! :-)
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Aleksandr #3
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LarsDW223 #4
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Well...what did take you so long ;-)
Just kidding. GREAT WORK!!!

(I got 19 posts in about 2 and a half year so just give me some hundred more years and I'll be where you are now :-) )
turnermm (Moderator) #5
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In reply to post #1
The difference between ach and turnermm, however, is that ach always knows what she is talking about.    And turnermm, recently a great-grandfather, has lots of time on his hands.
Myron Turner
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molefunk #6
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@ach: Congratulations, and thank you for the effort.

@turnermm: Mr. Turner, that's just great! :)
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