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Branmabon from Spain
My personal hi to fellow DokuWiki users
Branmabon Kaesgard #1
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Subject: Branmabon from Spain

What's your Name? I've settled on the internet nick Branmabon Kaesgard
Where are you located? In the beautiful town of Santiago de Compostela in Spain
How old are you? Oh dear, I'll be 40 in June 2017
What sort of stuff have you studied? Miserably failed BA in Physics, successful BA in Humanities, disappointing MA in Cultural Anthropology, like-a-boss BA in Primary Education Schoolteaching.
What do you do for a living? Previously a cibercafé owner and manager (2000-2011 while also at college, those were the days) and also a private tutor. Currently I'm a schoolteacher
What about computer stuff? I did two or three years of TurboPascal when I was a kid so I have a general idea about what programming is about (variables, functions, routines, subroutines, libraries...)
What are your hobbies? I'm the kind of person that has tried lots of stuff. I'm a lego person (but not anti-playmobil!). Vintage postcard collecting was one of my major hobbies a decade ago. Hmmm, let's see... one year I tried radio scanning too! Currently, I feel I don't have much time (you know job and family) but I try to read and learn as much as I can about topics such as philosophy and psychology. I also enjoy reading good fiction!
What do you use DokuWiki for? Well, because I feel I don't have much time to read a learn I want to make it count (for me, reading means also taking notes and establishing links between ideas, that kind of stuff). This led me to discover the concept of "personal knowledge management". I wanted a way to archive and make easily accessible my reading notes and ideas so I tried to find a way of managing online some kind of "research notes" as the ones students and researchers use when they want to investigate a topic and write a paper. I couldn't find any software flexible enough. Then I though about setting up a personal, private wiki. I was attracted to DokuWiki in particular because it seemed easier to set up and configure than other options (such as MediaWiki, for example). I also found the plugin installation and management system to be really easy to use and it was also easy for me to find out how to do things which are important for me such as tagging quotes or composing pages with sections from other pages. Flexibility and ease of use was what convinced me to use DokuWiki! So, I recently bought a domain and some hosting and I've been using my DokuWiki as a personal workspace and archive. Although due to its nature I prefer to keep most of it private, in the near future I plan to make some parts of it accessible to whoever might stumble upon it.

I want to say thank you to Andreas Gohr and to any other contributors to the DokuWiki project for their work. It's great!

See you around!
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Hi Branmabon Kaesgard, nice to meet you. :)
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