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"Used to look like" plugin
tibor #1
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Subject: "Used to look like" plugin
For each page in the wiki one can see how that page looked like say a year ago, using the "Old revisions" feature and selecting the appropriate date.

I would like to have a "time machine" that automates that: select a date and all the pages in the wiki will be shown as they looked at that date (by selecting the matching date in each page's revision history).

Why would anyone need such a feature?

Well, for instance if the wiki contains documentation of a product, and the current Wiki describes version 2.4 of the product, but you want to see the old documentation for ver 1.7. You know ver 1.7 was released June 16 2015. Using this plugin you would be able to select June 16 2015 as "Used to look like" date and shaboom! you now see the documentation as it looked like for that old version.

Neat, huh?

Unfortunately I'm good in many languages but not php, thus cannot implement this by myself. But perhaps someone else also thinks this is a neat idea...
LarsDW223 #2
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I see the use case but I guess I personally would arrange my different product versions in different namespaces like this:


Your approach looks nice to me because it is simple but what if the documentation is not linear?
E.g. productA:version1.1 is the current version but you need to change the documentation for productA:version1.0? Maybe this is not required in your case but in general it could occur.

Of course keeping a namespace per version is a lot of work. Not sure if there is a tool which can clone/copy the pages of a namespace into another. That means if you create a new version just copy the old version namespace to the new, e.g. copy productA:version1.1 to productA:version1.2.

Also, other people might prefer your solution, this is just some brainstorming.
andi (Administrator) #3
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The feature actually already exist, but has no user interface. Add an at parameter to the url to see how a page looked at that time. Here's how the frontpage looked in 2010:
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
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Aleksandr #4
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Quote by andi on 2017-05-03, 10:09:
Add an at parameter to the url to see how a page looked at that time.
Excellent! Thank you, andi!
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