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Link to local file
satman1w #1
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Subject: Link to local file
Hi all,

On my wiki page I am explaining where the phonebook file in win 10 is located...
there is a line: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk

I would like to link this to the real path on local machine!

Is it possible??

virk #2
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I do not know but perhaps you find some helpful things here
og #3
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Nearly impossible, due to security reasons in browsers. No one really want arbitrary websites to access files in the local filesystem, right? So several security switches had to be turned off, which MAY be ok inside organisations network.
I think, without the aid of a special browser plugin, this would be an hard task. Because always think about later browserupdates, which get securer and may kick out your current solution.
User title: Scott Ferguson
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In reply to post #1
A simpler solution is to just encourage the viewer to copy and paste the link into the URL bar of their browser.

1. Which probably should be to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\_hiddenPbk
2. It's to the "dial-up modem phonebook", not the "phonebook"

Yes - you can link to it directly, but as others have noted - a plugin is required before Firefox or Chrome will automagically translate the borked way Windows does links, and to over-ride the security settings the prevent linking to local file from a web page.

There is a DokuWiki plugin that proposes to enable simpler linking to Windows filesystems - smblink plugin, and there are two plugins for Firefox: Local File system links, Local Link.
With IE it can be done via a system setting (add the DokuWiki to the Trusted Zones), which can be pushed out with AD (but teaching a reader to copy and paste may have more benefits).

Either M$ browser will open the local file link if you paste the link into the URL bar - however you'll need to modify it (see images below) so that it uses file://C:\$blah\ instead of file://///C:\$blah\
Gombjuder #5
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Subject: Quite a good solution for firefox with Add-on and UNC path
I just found quite a good solution for me, that I can share with you.

Two thing are to be considered.
1) Ability of the browser to refer to local links.
2) Usage of UNC format

regarding 1) SFITCS provided me the hint regarding Local Filesystem Links…, because I use firefox and this Add-on is doing the job. It may also work with MS Internet Explorer without additionl plug-in.
NOTE: If you use the firefox add-on then you have to install the "native application" to make the add-on work, which is available for Windows Linux and Mac.

regarding 2) The UNC format of link to a local drive, for example in case of drive "C:" is "\\localhost\c$\"
tern #6
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There is a nice solution for that problem:

Use the firefox-add-on "openwith" and a local script. Depending on the OS you can use "xdg-open" (linux) or "start" (windows) to start the default program (….

I am using this solution and it works very well.
Michaelsy #7
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To open a file or folder (only) on your own local PC via Firefox there is the addon "Local Filesystem Links"…

The equivalent for Chrome is the "Local Explorer"…

HTH - Michael Sy.
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
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