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Media Manager Won't Allow Me To Delete An Image
Mulsiphix #1
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Subject: Media Manager Won't Allow Me To Delete An Image
I have a new wiki. I've been messing around and making a ton of page edits, but I am now ready to start to fill the Wiki with legitimate content. So I went through and deleted every single page, by editing it, clearing the content, and saving the page. I went to clear out the Media Manager files as well. But there is one file that returns an error when I try to delete it. The error reads:

The file "farm.png" hasn't been deleted - it is still in use.

Under references, in the media manager, it states the page in question is Sidebar. But that page is blank. Why can't I delete the file? If it has to do with the old page revisions possibly containing the file, how do I go through and delete the pages? There are literally 100+ page revisions, so loading the manually would take quite a bit of time. Besides, for future editing issues, I'd like to know how to resolve this quickly. Thanks!
turnermm (Moderator) #2
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This is very like a  systems error, sounds like Windows.  If so, try to delete it either with ftp, if it's on an external server,  or directly if local.
Myron Turner
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Mulsiphix #3
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You are correct. I decided to try to just delete the attic files and media_attic images. Still getting the same error. So I went in and deleted it from the FTP. Problem solved. It is no longer available in the media manager. Thanks for your reply turnermm  ;-)
Mulsiphix #4
Member since Jun 2017 · 15 posts
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I am continuing to have this problem. Brand new graphic, same exact situation, same page in question. This leads me to believe there might be something wrong with my server configuration or my installation of DokuWiki. I've been testing a lot of plugins through the plugin manager. Any chance that something has been left over by one or more of them, that is potentially causing this issue?

I also ran a script recently that was not designed for this version of DokuWiki, though andi didn't think it would pose a problem. I checked the image file using my FTP software and it confirms that the file has the same file permissions as other files on the server. So nothing out of the ordinary there.

Alright I'm flat out testing now to try and narrow down how this works. To be clear, I'll state the problem and the solution I can force on the individual file in question. Regardless, I'd like to figure out why this is happening. I'm assuming, based on the solution, that this is a DokuWiki generated error and has nothing to do with my server configuration or .htaccess files.

DokuWiki Version: 2017-02-19b

The Test
I upload a new image, add it to sidebar, save. Then delete it from sidebar, save, and try to delete the file in media manager. In the references section it mentions the sidebar page. Attempting to delete the file returns an obvious error about it being in use.

The Forceful Solution
After receiving the error, head into my FTP client. Go into data/meta. Delete sidebar.indexed and sidebar.meta. Both files must be deleted. Deleting only one file, either one, will not remove the reference to the sidebar page in media manager. Then reopen media manager. If a tab with media manager is still open, you cannot use it. You must click on the media manager link again, or the reference to sidebar will not be removed.

If it is not a common error that folks encounter, I'd really like to fix my installation or simply perform a clean reinstall. I know there is an option to allow me to delete image files, even if they are in use within pages currently, but I was hoping to keep this protection in place. Accidents do happen from time to time :scared:. I plan on using heavy images in my wiki, so this feels important to get fixed early. Any advice, feedback, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

One more question. In the case that I am stuck with this issue, what kinds of problems are introduced for a page when its .meta and .indexed files are deleted? Perhaps this solution isn't a solution at all, if something important is lost in the process. Thanks so much for your help guys :-p.
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