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IO_WIKIPAGE_READ / BEFORE : need clarification
What happens if your hook modifies the namespace?
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Subject: IO_WIKIPAGE_READ / BEFORE : need clarification
The documentation for states:

The $data field is an array with the entries:

$data[0] – The raw arguments for io_readFile() as an array. Do not change.
$data[0][0] – the file path.
$data[0][1] – whether to convert line endings to unix format, default true.
$data[1] – ns: The colon separated namespace path minus the trailing page name. (false if root ns)
$data[2] – page_name: The wiki page name without the namespace.
$data[3] – rev: The page revision, false for current wiki pages.

In the BEFORE event handler the $data can be modified, to influence the read action.

I assume this means that in the BEFORE event handler, only $data[1]..$data[3] may be changed. What would be the effect of changing the ns and/or page_name?

The reason I ask is I'm writing a plugin that intercepts a command to edit a page in the "published" area of my namespace, and copy the page into a special "drafts" area and edit that instead. Maybe IO_WIKIPAGE_READ is too late in the sequence of events to do this, but I wanted to clarify this.
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It might be simplest to use the openas plugin, which has 3 syntax formats, one of which will copy the current page to a new page id and update the links as necessary.  The original page stays in place.
Myron Turner
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I think it needs to be more dynamic than what SaveAS provides. One detail that I omitted is that the drafts space will be subdivided by project_id. Checking a page out will involve a dialog where you specify the project under which you want to check the page out.

I'm beginning to think that, rather than triggering checkout as a side-effect of trying to edit a published page, I may add a checkout pagetool. Hopefully the Move plugin will illustrate a lot of what I need to do.
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