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Migrate DokuWiki to git and Markdown
Retaining history and images?
alexs77 #1
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Subject: Migrate DokuWiki to git and Markdown

We used to use a DokuWiki in house, but it's now been decided to move on to Gitlab. We'd like to migrate the content and changelog history.

For this, I'm looking for a way to convert our DokuWiki to Git (gitlab). The history should be retained. For this, I found

But we'd also like to convert all the files from DokuWiki .txt to Markdown .md, so that it can be viewed in Gitlab. and Pandoc seem to be mentioned quite often. But when I convert the files, the history will of course be lost, as those are new .md files then.

Is there a way to combine these two steps, so that after the convert, we've got a Git repository with all the changes and Markdown files with the converted DokuWiki .txt files?

And last, but not least, images need to be converted as well; or rather, the image links (→ {{:foo:bar:image.png|}}) and such.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,
emreg00 #2
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Not sure it could work in your case but there is gitbacked plugin It generates a repo in the same directory of dokuwiki instance and includes pages and media files in the repo by default (other folders could be added). Changes to the files are committed automatically.


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