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Lost all connection with the content
kamermans #1
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Subject: Lost all connection with the content
I used DocuWiki for documentation in the laboratory I am working. We added all our protocols to DokuWiki. We did not use DocuWiki for some time. I recently wanted to assess the content again but all seemed to have disappeared. However it seems that all the files are still on the server. How can i reestablish the site. DocuWiki is running on a Synology server.
StarArmy #2
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If the files are still there, but do not appear in the search, perhaps you need to rebuild the search index. There is a plugin for it that allows you to do it from the admin area.

It is recommended that you update the old wiki to the latest version of Dokuwiki as well.
JohnMeier #3
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Subject: Lost all connection with the content
Hey together,

If got nearly the similar problem. My dokuwiki run also on an Synology NAS.
I start the search Index. It found all the Data in the data folder.
But I am not able to access to the Data from the wiki. If I create a knew page it is easy to find.
If I create a text file in the pages folder and run afterwards the searchindex tool i find also this side.
I'm realy wondering why I am not able to access to all the other data.

The permission are all set to the same.

If I copy the hole dokuwiki folder to a PC an run a server on the PC everything works fine.

Any ideas?
schplurtz (Moderator) #4
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Hi JohnMeier

So, the data structure is unaltered, since it works on a PC, but some files are inaccessible as pages from the synology...

When you manually add files in the data folder, you are able to see the corresponding pages in the Wiki, right ?
Then, don't bother understanding what happent, just remove the problematic data files, and place fresh copies from your backup on your PC.

It very looks like a file ownership or permission problem on the synology, or some a security manager denying file access to the PHP server... How did you check file permssions ? shell access or ftp or something else ?
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