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Hello from Basel, Switzerland
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Subject: Hello from Basel, Switzerland
Hello and greetings to all.

My name is Philipp and I am now sixty-six years old. I live near Basel in Switzerland and I used to work as an IT professional from about 1975 up to my retirement a few years ago. I have used Dokuwiki and other wikis for several projects where getting documentation online quickly and without any fuss was more important than an "interesting" or complicated feature set.

After retirement, I started using the Dokuwiki first for documenting my small hobby projects. I chose Dokuwiki mainly for these reasons: Firstly, I already had used it. Then, it was one of the two Wikis that were practically pre-installed on my cheap Synology server; thirdly, it has a very small feature set, thus obviating the need for much design and planning work before filling the server with documents and stuff.

After retirement, I ordered the archive of an organisation I used to work for some time earlier, digitizing many of the most relevant documents. I then started transcribing the digitized documents so that they can be read by people not familiar with the olders fonts and scripts and so that they can be searched. I used another instance of the Dokuwiki to hold those transcripts along with the photographs of the original documents. This wiki now holds several hundred pages, with perhaps two thousand to follow.The organisation is now preparing itself for its centennial and the wiki will be an important tool for all kinds of research. The material is all in the public domain and it's accessible at It's all in German, though.

In the meantime, I found another use for the wiki and I use yet another instance for genealogical purposes. In the last few years, several parts of our widely spread family have found each other, and the wiki is very useful for collecting and presenting all kinds of documents which are contributed by family members on several continents. One of these days I will succeed in storing and presenting family trees, although that's not the main aim for this particular wiki. The Wiki now contains names of about three hundred persons, but detailed documents exist for fewer than - perhaps - two dozen people. This wiki is, of course, not open to the public.
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