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Add language after installation
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Subject: Add language after installation
Finding myself in deep space in DokuWiki-Configuration for quite a while now by adding, enabling and disabling different plugins, I was wondering the following and didn't find a solution for it yet – surprisingly! 

Is there a way of adding a language after installing DokuWiki altready?

My case: I downloaded DokuWiki (2017-02-19e "Frusterick Manners") as a package with two languages: en and de-informal. But as most plugins don't use de-informal but de, it would be great to add de [or some other language] afterwards as a global element.

I already downloaded the complete language-files with another package and uploaded them into inc/lang/ so I could actually choose the new language in the configuration, but DokuWiki now did use the default language en instead of the new one [even if it's español or french]. What do I miss here? Any need of changing some other files?

Hint: It's not about editing an existing translation at translate.dokuwiki.


By the way: one workaround for implementing the missing de-informal language inside of plugins and templates is obvious: duplicating de, renaming it as de-informal, uploading the files into their ../lang/ folders, done! It works like a charme (after disabling and enabling the plugin or template).
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