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Hello from Belgium
sascha.leib #1
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Subject: Hello from Belgium
Hello all :-)

You'd probably count me to the older members here, having already worked for more than a quarter of a century in web development and web design... (yes, I started in '93 with a beta version of Mosaic)

Now, I have a little personal project for which I would normally just have programmed my own CMS, but since I bumped into DokuWiki some time ago I thought I should give it a try to adopt the existing software to my needs rather than starting from scratch. Not sure where this will lead, but I believe there's a good basis and with some "touch-ups" it should work...

So expect a few commits from me in the coming weeks: I'm working on my own, more flexible, template and I'll probably make some changes to the Wiki core as well. More details on this in the appropriate forums.

In any case, I'm looking forward to working with you guys :-)

Cheers :-D


PS: I should probably add that while I know my way around PHP, HTML and CSS (and a couple of other stuff), I have never used GIT productively, so please be merciful if I mess things up there... I'll try to stick to my own branch, though, so the results shouldn't be too disastrous... – logical and rhetoric fallacies en gros and en detail
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LarsDW223 #2
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Welcome Sascha.

Don't worry to much about git. You will have no permission to push directly to the DokuWiki repository so all you can mess up is your own fork ;-) Also, there are a lot of good webpages about git.
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